Sunday, December 28

Second attempt....

We have been planning to go snow tubing at The Summit at Snoqualmie twice in a row now. Last Saturday was the second one, despite the fact that there is a rain or snow forecast, it does not dampen down our spirit to pursuit this long time trip. Everybody was so excited, especially Gabz, who always wanted to play and make snow man every time she could find a snow along the road. Unluckily, obstruction along the way; heavy rain, traffic, and slippery road makes us change our mind to go on. We are already more than half way, yet we have to alter our course of destination. While stuck in a traffic, and despite the wickedness of the current weather, I was able to marvel how beautiful the mountains, the trees even though it is covered with snow.

Fog covering the mountain conceal it's real beauty !

See these branches ? despite the fact that no single leaves left it still holds its magnificent beauty in winter time.

I just don't understand it, while the second picture captures the beauty of the branches covered with snow, this picture display how unhappy and miserable they are.

Oh well, we could try to go snow tubing again next time. Our day did not go to waste....we ended up watching " The tale of Despereaux" ! The kids enjoyed it though !

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