Tuesday, April 16

Our Trip to Olympic Peninsula - Lake Quinult Lodge

After hours and hours of driving, we finally arrived at our final destination, Lake Quinult Lodge.   This rustic lodge was built in 1926, with seven types of rooms.   Their rooms are spacious, with lake side view, no TV and no phones.  They have sauna, pool and game room. The back lawn is beautiful, wide space of green grass, with Gazebo and lounge chairs.   Most of all, the sunset is stunning! 

Very peaceful, I could spend the whole day sitting here, just watching the lake, enjoying the sun with a good book in hand.  That's what I call real vacation!

We arrived a few minutes late to catch the stunning color of sunset.  This is the best we got, but I still love it.

We had a light dinner at their Roosevelt  Restaurant, with an overlooking view of the lake, and humming birds flying on the window.   The ambiance of the restaurant is very relaxing, I like it a lot.

After a night of rest, we had breakfast and started exploring the place.   We tried one of their hiking trails, which is only .6 miles.  The trail is kid friendly and has small bridges and falls along the way.   Which is nice, otherwise we could not make it back, with Andi complaining how hard it is to walk farther :-)

We checked out the World Largest Sitka Spruce Tree.  It stand 191 feet tall, 17 feet in diameter and 55 feet, 7 inches in circumference.

We were not able to see the largest Douglas Fir Tree though as the kids were hungry and tired.   We ate lunch and headed back home.   Downside on this place, no other place to eat but the restaurant inside the lodge.

All, in all this place is beautiful!

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