Friday, February 12

Baby registry

I received an invitation from a friend baby shower the other day. I was checking out the invitation and found out that she was registered at Babies R Us. Most mom registered their baby's at only one store and two at the most. If the baby was registered at multiple stores, you have to visit each stores website to check out the list. Of course you wanted to check out the list to make sure that you got what the baby needs. But going through different website is quite a hassle right? What if all moms can consolidate their listings in just one registry? Their family, friends and guest could go to one website and see all their listings from all the stores that they have registered. No more hassle of going through different websites. I think that will be great!

Amazing registry had relaunched their new website, where expectant mom could consolidate their registry into one website. For example you register at Babies R Us, Target, Walmart, Kohl, etc. all that listings can be viewed at They partnered with different stores like Amazon, Target, Babies R Us, Pottery Barn Kids, The Land of Nod, baby earth and so on. If your store is not on the list, don't worry you can still see your listings with Amazing Registry.

Expectant moms, why don't you check out for your baby registry. This will make your baby registry more organized and easy to access.

Goodluck with the baby!


Leslie said...

I'm actually using a website that sounds similar to this, except that in addition to adding things from any store, it also lets you import registries you already created in-store. I did this for my Target registry, and I thought it was a nice feature because now if anyone doesn't like shopping online they can still go to the store to find the registry and any purchases will update on my online list. The website is called and it's definitely worth checking out as well.:)

contact said...

Thanks for letting me know about I think that's the way to go too, vs. registering at a single store. also has a similar registry management service, but doesn't seem to have as many registry options. I believe that allows items from other stores added to your registry list. I'd really like to hear from someone who's used