Thursday, August 26

The Grotto, Portland Oregon

Our next stop is The Grotto. We planned to attend mass in this place, but due to time constraint, we were not even able to go up there because they were already close we we arrived. Mel and the kids were only able to see the ground level, and the best part is on the upper level, because you can see a lot of wood architecture of the 12 station of the cross and the garden. Not to mention the glass room overlooking the city with the Madonna and Child art statue inside.

There was a wedding going on when we arrived. I this place will double the solemnity of the occasion. This place is just amazing.

The next day we hit the Japanese and Rose Garden!

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nancy said...

this reminds me of "The Walk Way to the Old Volcano" in Camiguin Island. Places like this are just as inspiring.

Wish you have a lovely weekend, sis!