Wednesday, September 22

1st Birthday Party Give Aways

Andi will celebrate her 1st Birthday tomorrow, but the actual party will be on Saturday at Children's Museum.   Tomorrow will be a simple celebration, just us.  We are planning to go to the mall and let Andi play at the slides and have some fun.  In the evening we are going to invite a close family to have dinner with us and sing happy birthday to Andi so she could blow her birthday cake.

As I was planning Andi's birthday party, I come with a Hello Kitty theme.   I bought online a Hello Kitty bag for $ .99 and stuff it with candy, coloring book and crayon.   I have a total of $2.5 for each kid (for girls).  And for boys, I found at Target a Disney water bottle with matching lunch box for $ 1.00.  Stuff the lunch box with candy and put it inside a Hello Kitty Loot bag.   Now, I have Andi's birthday give away without pending too much money.    There are a lot of things you can buy for birthday give away without spending too much if you plan ahead.   So whenever you go to the store and found something fancy and on clearance sale, you just grab it!  You will save tons of money for your event.

Here are the picture of her give away!   I am excited for Saturday!