Wednesday, March 9

DIY travel pillow slipcover

Guest post written by Jill Wilkes

I travel a whole lot for business and it can get pretty tiring doing that. A lot of that travel is in planes and I think I would honestly be okay if I never had to see another airport again in my life. It would seriously be well worth it. But that's not going to happen anytime soon and I make such good money that I wouldn't quit this job anytime soon. But one of my saviors for long flights is a little travel pillow that I take with my everywhere.
But my little travel pillow was starting to look a little ragged here lately, so I decided to buy another one. I went online to see if I could improve upon the one that I already had. But when I looked online with my Clearwirelessinternet, I couldn't' really find a new pillow that was better than the one that I already had.
Then I got a really great idea. I would just make a travel pillow slipcover for the one that I already have. I mean the only problem with it is how it looks and I'm already so used to it anyway.

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