Monday, April 19

Turtle vs Tortoise - What's the difference?

Gabz school had a field trip at Denny's Pet World last week. Here are the pictures taken with the animals. After the tour at the pet shop the kids were asked to sit down to have a few lessons about animals and have a chance to pet/touch some animals and bugs.

These are the kids watching the rabbit and Guinea Pigs.

Having a feel of turtle and tortoise. The kids (including the moms) learned the difference between turtle and tortoise. Turtle live both in land and in water while tortoise live in land alone. Tortoise eat vegetables and fruits while turtle eat any kind. Aside from their feet (turtle has webbed feet) you cannot easily distinguish one from each other. At least now I know a little bit between the two.

Gabz petting the snake while I cringed at the sideline. I had goosebumps just watching the snakes and frogs, while Gabz does not show any nervousness or being scared on those animals. I think she is too young to know what these animals can do. She just thought that these animals are pets! All in all the kids had fun at the pets world.

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Kasai said...

Hi dear!

I thought Tortoise is what they call big turtles haha! now I know.

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