Saturday, February 4

Barbie Fashion Birthday Party - Part 1

As I mentioned on my previous post I was planning for Gabz 6th Birthday party.  The theme was Barbie Fashion.    It was a total blast, kids and grown ups had so much fun and some people who saw the video said that it was cute and unique.

Two weeks before Gabz party I asked her what she wants on her birthday, she told me that she wants a Barbie alarm clock and a Barbie cake.  In short she wants a Barbie birthday party!   I kept on thinking what kind of activities I could prepare for the kids.  Penata and games are not so exciting anymore.   Then we thought why not came up with a Barbie Fashion show?   I discussed this with a friend and she was so excited to do it!  She said that she could do the kids hair, I said I could do their make ups!  Now, we had a plan and I want to make it a little bit real for the kids.   Here are the things I did:

1.  Discussed with a friend whom I know that could help me pull it off.   Brainstorm !!!
2.  Agreed who will do the hair and should we do make up?  yes, accessories, etc.
3.   Send email to moms who has girls to bring extra clothing for their kids that they could use for casual wear, sports and evening gown.
4.  Talked to a friend who DJ on the sideline, brought his DJ stuff, speakers, strobe light, and with matching fog machine!! 
5.  Another friend volunteered to make a Barbie cake.  Awesome!

Of course all of these are free.   I am so lucky to have so many friends!

Here goes the pictures:

This is the beginning of the party where after the prayer, we sung happy birthday to the birthday girl.   I will post a better picture of the cake on my next post.  This picture does not do justice of it.  Thanks Mommy Nel for the beautiful cake.

                                               First batch, Gabz walking in her casual wear.

                  Addie, posing in her dark sunglasses, leather jacket and a very stylish plaid pants.  She is so comfortable in the runway...don't you think?

                                            Zystyn in her bear t-shirt and colorful lighting shoes.

Jherica, one of the twins in her casual polka dot dress with blue poodle shoulder bag.  Barefoot though...I think her mom forgot to packed their shoes for the runway!!! Someone is not reading the email :-)

My little Andi, so excited to join the girls.   Mind you she is the only one wearing a Barbie shirt and skirt.  Look at the matching shoes and purse ?!  My little girl is making a fashion statement.

You will probably wonder why this does not match to the whole pictures above.   Because of so much clothes that the moms packed, they have to do two series of casual wear.  Zystyn mom a.k.a. stage mother has a suitcase full of clothes!  Yes you heard me, a suitcase!  I guess not only the kids were excited, but mom and dad too!  The dads' are busy taking pictures and videos and coaching the kids what to do.

Part two, sports wear.

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