Monday, December 22

Websites for parents & toddlers

Can you believed that my almost three years old daughter know how to navigate the computer and study ABC and stuff for toddlers on her own ? Her Dad taught her once on how to navigate or used the mouse cursor in the computer. From then on, she would ask me everyday if she could study ABC, puzzles, and stuff in the computer. All I need to do is bring her to the homepage of the website...and there off she go.

We have two websites where she loves to delve into, where she learns her ABC's, counting, phonics (still working on it), color, shapes and more. What I love in this website is that, it has a voice command, it helps me and my daughter with correct pronunciation (esp. with us who speaks English as second language). The activities is awesome as well, you will be surprised what Gabz learns at her age. She is phenomenal when it comes to matching things, finding the difference, and designing stuff.

1. - This is a very good website. I started using this when Gabz was more than a year old up to now. She basically learned her ABC's here. This website starts from the basic of ABC's with voice commands, graphics and activities to go with every letters. They have categories :

1.1 Let's get ready to read - this is the basic of ABC's

1.2 Learn to read - teaches phonics and words construction through play, books that used basic words, movies and videos too. Very entertaining that would fascinate your toddler.

1.3 It's fun to read

1.4 I'm reading

I highly recommend this website. This helps parents prepare their kids to school or home schooled. Very powerful !

2. - Just discovered this website a couple of months ago. Gabz loves the puzzles, arts, sorting, matching activities. It has a lot of activities to every age level. This would help you come up with ideas to entertain your toddlers during those not so busy or grumpy days.

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