Saturday, February 28

Daddy brought me to School !!!

I mentioned in my previous post that Gabz has been attending playschool once a week right ? Well, it still runs up to March. I was the one who always brought her to school every Friday, but then the other day, her Dad told me that he wanted to bring Gabz to school. Oh, I was little bit surprised and happy of course. He always apologized to Gabz for not seeing her to school, he used to say "What kind of Dad I am, I don't even see you in school ?".

So, last Friday, he took a time off from work just to bring Gabz to school. He is just soo sweet, I was touched, at this early stage of Gabz life he wanted to be part of everything. No matter has small it is.

Remembering my childhood life, my father never did bring me to school nor attended any event in school, it has always been my mother. I am not saying that my Father is irresponsible or anything like that. If I will be given a chance to choose again, he will be my father at the very end. I love him so much. I think, that every father has their own reasons when it comes to their kids upbringing, or sometimes life or factors in life does not give them a chance to do things they wanted to do.

But I am proud to those Dad who is very much involved in their kids life. As a mother, my heart just burst with emotion. I salute you !

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