Monday, February 2

Snow Tubing - FUN..FUN..FUN

After a decade of planning to go Snow Tubing, those plans becomes visible last Saturday 31 January. We went to this magnificent place The Summit at Snoqualmie. They offered a lot of activities during the winter; snow tubing, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing and more. The most exciting part is, we went together with our friends who has been dying to go snow tubing for centuries. We have to make reservation ahead of time though since it is more convenient when your group reached 20. Thanks for Eric and Cecile for doing all the hard work!
We started with a heavy breakfast at IHOP since our schedule was 11:am to 1:pm. They scheduled it by group every two hours. Since we are quite a huge group, the probability of being not on time is huge as well. But at least we got 1 1/2 hour to enjoy it !!!

While waiting for the rest of the group to join us, Gabz could not stop herself from rolling over the snow along the path ! She was really looking forward to this. When we got started, some of the kids was very timorous to do it alone since the slope is quite high. Me and my husband was so uncertain if Gabz could do it alone, because there is a probability that she would stand up in the middle of the slope while the tube is going down hill. But then she went inside the tube herself ! then we know that she could do it ! As soon as she hits the bottom, she was screaming to her Dad..."Daddy...more..more..more !" That's my girl !!!

Of course a pose from here and there will not be missed by her Dad ! As always, taking pictures will remain the main event in every activity !

Gabz taking a pose with her BFF's (twins) Danica and Jericha. These three are inseparable, they always love to play together, and not have seen them fight at all. These twins are adorable and very behave.

These are all the ladies in the group. These are my BFF's here in Seattle. These gals love to party till the crack of dawn ! Love them !!!

These are the guys with Joanna ! She is the only unattached lady in the group, and the guys love to teased her. But She is a good sport .

Of course, I could not get hold of myself by just watching these guys having fun of their life. I have to try it myself ! My husband was keep on saying ; "No Mommy !, no Mommy!" But how could I just watched ? I have been waiting for this ! I have to try it , even once. My husband give in at the end. Going down the slope is exhilarating ! Wow, just love I wish I could do it over and over, but does not want to push my luck so hard. At least I have experienced it no matter if it is only once.

In a nutshell, everybody have FUN...FUN..FUN ! One we would not forget ! Looking forward to the next exciting activities !!!

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eva said...

wow sounds you had fun and the kids too. i've been planning to go snow tubing since december but until now plano pa rin.hehe.

nice pictures.