Monday, March 30

Fun filled Weekend !!!

Our weekend was always full of activities, with friends or just the three of us. Weekend is our time for relaxation and spending time together. Last weekend though was soo much fun that my whole body was bone tired and could still feel it 'till Sunday !!!

We celebrated six birthdays last weekend, Six !!! can you imagine that ? It was a group celebration for all our friends who has birthdays in March. We started after lunch by playing bowling at ACME super bowl at Renton.

Look at my hubby doing his strike pose ! Unfortunately it was not a strike :-) still warming up. Does he look like a pro ? you will be the judge !

Gabz woke up so early from her usual because she was so excited to play bowling ! Look at her face, as if she knows how :-) She can't hardly carry the eight pounds ball, yet she loves to roll the ball over and over. Could not even wait for her turn ! Wait 'till you grow up baby, and you will have so much fun beating Mom and Dad !

Dinner as usual was overflowing with food, but my favorite is the super dooper yummy chocolate fountain ! I thought strawberry dipped in chocolate is already heaven, until I tried the cream puff dipped in chocolate. I almost forgot my name....hehehehe.

The guys having a poker session, with Eric's brand new poker table, a gift from us. Donnie I guess won the pot money ! Lucky him.

The party will not be complete without their group karaoke. Eric even bought three more chips from Philippines. I guess they got bored with all the songs on the first one. It sounds like a national anthem already, they have been singing it over and over.

The ladies will not let the guys have all the fun ! This is their first shot of Kahlua, then a consecutive shots of Tequila. The preggy's (now it's the three of us) just have to be contented holding the bottle !! They just have to wait for our return :-)

Well, the party ended past midnight with more than half of the people drunk. One thing for sure, everybody had sooooo much fun !!!

One secret of a party, do it with friends, people you like and love !!! Looking forward to the next one !!!


Babette said...

Wow, that is a grand celebration! Six birthdays to celebrate sure is fun. Funny, this is the first time I've seen a photo of husbands singing karaoke, I always see photos of women with the microphone. LOL How are you Mel? Doing great I hope. :o)

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

hi sis...what a great weekend you had.. ^_^

na miss ko tuloy pagbo-bowling sa pinas and i miss having fun with friends and family =(

madz said...

Wow, that's why I really love weekends. It was as well my time to spend quality fun with my family.