Monday, April 20

Beautiful San Francisco - Part one

I have mentioned on my last post that we went to San Francisco last Easter Sunday and stayed there for four days, business and pleasure. We have been planning to visit San Francisco this summer, but then due to my pregnancy we decided to make the trip earlier.

So, San Francisco here we come !!! We stayed at downtown Hilton Hotel since it is just a stones throw away from the Embassy and other shops, in short quite convenient.

First thing we did after we are done with our business agenda was to ride the famous Cable Car. The procession was quite long, but they always said that you did not go to San Francisco unless you ride the Cable Car ! It was appealing for us adult to experienced it, but not for Gabz I guessed, because she fall asleep while riding. Poor kid :-(
We visited Grace Cathedral too, along Leavenworth and Taylor Street. The architecture outside is superb. This is one of the most memorable place we have visited, because the moment we step outside of this place, we received a blessing !
After a long day of walking and site seeing, we need to replenish our lost energies. A good Filipino restaurant is worth the trip. We ate at Toppings Restaurant at Daily City together with Eric and Maricel's family (who happened to be in SF too) and bought siopao to go.

Whats the best way to end the day than having your stomach full ? Went back at the hotel for a goodnight sleep, getting ready for another day of fun and adventure.


madz said...

That was a very great trip! Hope I could travel somewhere else too.

Lillian said...

Looks like you really had a blast! I can hear the excitement on your post :) Will be waiting for part 2!