Monday, May 11

Tulips Festival

Tulips Festival at Skagit Valley Washington State is very famous with its acres and acres of tulips. This festival runs from April 1 to 30 every year, but this year they extended up to 10 of May due to tulip late bloom and for Mothers Day celebration.

We made a short trip last weekend (an hour from our place) to visit the place. Full of tulips indeed !!! Gosh, I never seen such vast land full of tulips.

It was so beautiful that you wanted to pick all of them. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to pick a single stem nor bring out the fallen petals outside the fields.

We visited one part of the festival, since it was already quite late in its season and almost all of it has been harvested. We paid five dollars at the entrance, otherwise during its full season you could just drive and stop along the road to smell and appreciate these flowers.

Just like what Gabz has been doing to almost all the tulips she could grab. She enjoyed a lot, she loves flowers just like me. In every color of tulips grown, she asked her Dad to took her picture.

This is my favorite shot, look at her eyes, the amazament, awe, bewilderment are all written in her face. She keeps on telling me..."They are so beautiful, Mommy." It was really so lovely.

In the midst of red tulips in full bloom. They are like magnet that pulls you towards them, they entice you, soothed your moods and makes you relaxed. I dont know about you, but flowers always makes me smile and lighten me up !


Karen said...

It's really beautiful and so are your and your kid. Have a nice day, you're in my blogroll now. Thanks for the add!

Glenda said...

Oh my gosh! TULIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! It's my favorite flower! LOVELY! Awww, i'm jealous. I wanna have pictures too with the tulips. hehehe =D Thank you for sharing!

Jakarta Spa said...

Wow, there's amazing tulips. Remind me about Holland Michigan Tulips Festival.

Jakarta Spa

madz said...

Tulips! No wonder my friend love them :)

Jade said...

Wow so beautiful...I kinda mis Holland! They have a park there filled with Tulips during Spring.


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Marj and Carlos said...

Those flowers are gorgeous.

Apih Yayan said...

You make me remember theres nothing perfect in this world. Thank you. from indonesia

Dorothy L said...

Unbelievable....what lovely photos with your daughter.

I would love to be able to walk through such a beautiful garden.

Thanks so much for bringing such beauty in my day!