Sunday, July 12

Activities for kids!

It's summer and most of the kids are at home. Be resourceful and find ways to entertain them without spending too much money. Kids needs to go out of the house so they could channel their energies into something else rather than making you crazy all day long.

First, check out your local malls. Some malls have story time every once or twice a week for free. Here in Factoria Mall (Bellevue, WA) they have story time twice a week for kids, sponsored by the Local library and YMCA. Below is a group of kids during Thursday story time (11AM).

Second, check you local library for story time schedules. Most libraries have activities for kids. Sometimes they even have shows and movie time. All these for free!

After story time, they encourage kids to do some craft, arts, draw, color, play a game or any activities that relates to the story they just did.

This one is really nice. Gabz is making her own Bee! Teaching kids to do arts and crafts develops their creativity and imagination. Gabz was so proud of her Bee, and it has to be hanged in her wall of achievements so everybody could see it.
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