Sunday, July 26

Always Be Prepared

Toddlers and baby's need more stuff than we do every time we go for a trip or just a day at the lake. If you have a toddler or a baby, you need to be prepared always. The trick is to foresee what they can possibly do and pack things to remedy the situation.

These are few must haves in your diaper bag or in the car:

1. Wipes
Very useful, not just for diaper change, cleaning up messes, but for wiping dirty hands and faces.

2. Snacks
Always bring cereal, cookies, fruits, carrots or any common snacks your toddler have. In case you are on the road and your little one starts to ask for food. This would save you money and time and of course cause of tantrums.

3. Juice Boxes or Water
or something that does not need chilling.

4. Extra Clothing
You have to be prepared in case of spills and spur of the moment swim at the lake or pool.

5. Accessories
A brush, suntan lotion, extra hair clip, hat, etc.

6. Toys or books
Toys and books to entertain them.

Depending on your itinerary or place of destination, planning ahead on what to bring makes your trip easy and enjoyable.


Dhemz said...

hahhaha...yes indeed....kaya d na uso yung maliliit na bag pag nanay kana...dami kasi dala eh....ayaw ko rin naman magdala ng baby bag/diaper bag....:)malapit na pala yung due mo te ano...tapos na ba baby shower mo?

hopeful said...

Yes I agree with you we should always be prepared for our baby. Mahirap na if a certain thing for them ay makalimutan.

eva said...

hi melanie! i hope your ok. i got tag for you. i hope you grab it.

Workplace on the web said...

Yep, should not forget these things.