Thursday, July 2

Is Wii good for three years old?

Recently, Gabz has been playing too much Wii games. I think part of it is my fault, because I let her play for two hours sometimes. And of course, her Dad keep buying new games for her too.

Is Wii good for a three year old kid ? For me, it depends on how you control her playing time and the type of games she played. If the game is educational, I think it would help her develop some skills. It could help her think and be creative on the challenges she encounters. It also develop her sensory motor by listening and following instructions.

Sometime, it is difficult for us parents to know what is too much and when is enough, when it comes to our children. As long as we are aware of what we are doing, I think our kids will be fine ! Raising our children is one of the most difficult part of being a parent.

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