Friday, July 31

Lola and Lolo are finally here.....

Yesterday, we fetched my in laws at SeaTac Airport. We are all excited for them, that finally they were able to visit USA. Right now they are still adjusting on their sleep schedule. Gabz was so happy, that she always bagged her Lolo and lola to play with her. Yesterday, she asked her lolo to make her a paper boat! After that they have it floated on the kitchen sink. She was excited that she keeps on following her lolo around, every time her lolo disappears, she would asked me; Mommy where is everybody?" I think she is happy that finally we have other people in the house. She was used to have the two of us during the day, so having company makes her happy.

I hope lola and lolo will enjoy their stay here in the US. Lolo made a comment that Seattle is hotter than Philippines. When they arrived it was all time high here in Seattle, we have 110 degrees temperature for the first time since 1981! The house is like an oven and we are half bake. LOL. There was a shortage in electric fan in all stores here in Seattle. We tried to buy an electric fan, went to five stores before we could find a small fan. Whew! Hopefully the temperature will go down next week. I don't enjoy the summer anymore, if the temp will go on like this. Not so good for a preggy like me!

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