Thursday, August 6

Gabz Finally let go of her Bottle!

Weaning Gabz from her bottle has been a struggle for me. She is three years old now, and I have been trying for a year already. These week, she was able to do it finally.

Ever since when she was a baby, she never used zippy cup, she goes straight to a glass every time she wants water or juice. She only drinks milk in a bottle and gagged every time I put milk in a glass. Good thing though, she drinks milk in a bottle very quickly. She never played bottle in her mouth and could finished her milk in two or three minutes. I guess one reason why her teeth is still good.

How did I do it?

1. When her big tooth was about to come out, she complains that she has a toothache. At first I thought that her tooth is rotten, so I used it to make her stop drinking milk in a bottle. I told her that the worm is eating her tooth, so she should stop drinking milk in a bottle. That works a little, she stops using bottle during the day and have it only before she goes to sleep. We are one step forward!

2. Since I'm pregnant with our second daughter. We always told her that she would be a big sister soon. She is thrilled with the idea. We used that to make her act as a big sister, by telling her that big sisters does not drink in a bottle anymore. Only baby's drink milk in a bottle.

3. Sometimes, she still asked for her bottle before she goes to sleep at night, but I asked my husband to be firm not to give her. Instead we gave her milk in a glass, it needs a lot of coaxing for her to take a sip.

4. Every time she asked for her bottle, I told her that I throw them in the trash since she would not be needing it, because she is a big sister now. She tried to look for it, but I hid it so she could not see anymore. Finally, it is more than a week now that she is not drinking milk in her bottle nor asking for it. I could say that she is finally weaned!

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Lulu said...

that is great! i hope andrea wont use bottle anymore she is already 20months