Sunday, August 16

Living Life in the USA

My Father in Law trying to maw the lawn this afternoon. My husband was letting them experienced our way of living here. Mawing the lawn, grocery shopping, vacuuming the carpet, those kind of stuff. These are the things that we do not do in the Philippines. We also, let them try to eat different kind of food, from American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Indian and so on. At least they will be able to experienced life in the USA, something they could treasure and remember when they go back home in Philippines.

It is most Filipinos dream to come and live in America. I said most because I'm pretty sure that not all of us dreamt of being here. So far they have been here for three weeks now and they enjoyed it a lot. They look forward to winter and experience the snow! LOL. Once winter begun, and they could feel the cold, I would doubt if they would still love it. At least it is another experience they could tell.
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Dorothy L said...

LOL...he looks a bit nervous with the grass cutter. I can just imagine they will love the is the cold that they will not particularly like :P