Monday, August 10

Looking for the best web hosting provider?

When I was thinking of getting my own domain, I really don't know where to start looking. I spent hours searching the Internet for the best webhosting provider. If you are new to this blogging world, sometimes it is difficult navigating your way around, knowing what is best for your blog. You have to take the risk when getting services of a certain provider without knowing how good they are.

When the time comes that I would need a webhosting provider for my second blog, I now know where to look. has a list of all webhosting providers . They even ranked the best webhosting providers for 2009, with their prices, ratings, space and traffic capacities. They even have the list of new and upcoming providers. Awards received by each provider could be seen in their website too. Almost all the information you could find in a certain provider could be found in their website. This is a good place for those new blogger like me who are looking for a webhosting provider, they give tips and alternatives from free web hosting to a more customized platforms.

Don't forget to visit the site; you will get a lot of information especially on their articles. I learned a lot from that page. They discussed topics from tips in enhancing your SEO, how to look for a good webhosting package and how to maximized the use of your control panel. They even made a comparison on the best hosting platform; between Windows, Linux or Mac.

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