Thursday, August 27

A perfect gift for my mother in law

My mother in law will be celebrating her 65th Birthday this 1st of September. We are supposed to give her a surprise party this coming Saturday 29th of August. But then something happened last weekend when we attended a birthday party and one of our friend suddenly told my mother in law (when we were saying goodbye); "Ok Mommy Aning see you on your birthday party next week"! Suddenly, she looked at me and realized that maybe it will be a surprise party and she said it out loud to my mother in law. She felt so guilty after that and kept apologizing to us. That is why it will not be a surprised party anymore.

Last night, me and my husband was discussing what gift can we give to his mom. If we can only afford to buy this watch, I think this will be a perfect gift for her. She is a very sweet woman, who is always concerned on other people well being. She always makes sure that everyone is alright before she attends to herself. Other people would say that it is difficult to live with your in laws, but not with me I guess. My in laws are great people and I love having them here.

This beautiful piece here is a Tag Heuer watch. I think tag heuer watches are very durable and sporty. I used to have one long time ago and I just love it because it is water resistant.

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