Tuesday, September 1

A great birthday bash Part II

As promised here are the pictures. My husband took more than 200 pictures, so I have to choose a few and make a collage. It became small though, but so far that is the best I could do. Pardon my ignorance in this field.
Mother blowing her candles and of course the tradition of a Filipino party, lots of food!

Our friends who are always there to bring food and ready to have fun.
Karaoke is the main past time in every party. Of course aside from Tequila, beer and chikahan. And Oh, the guys played Poker too!
A family picture (with Gabz missing), and mother opening all her presents!


Dorothy L said...

Wow Mel...I love the collage.
Never apologize for anything that you cannot do. Just keep working at it.
I loved the photos...everyone looks so happy and are definitely have a very fun gathering time with family:)

Mhar's Display said...

Of course, di masaya ang party kung walang singing karaoke :)


christina said...

happy birthday to your mom! Im sure she had a blast!

Have a nice day!