Tuesday, October 27

Coral Reef, Natures Gift

Do you know that coral reefs are facing a big threat globally due to human activity; such as coral mining, pollution, over fishing, blast fishing, etc. Philippine coral reef is the second largest in Asia. But only 5% of its 27,000 square-kilometers of coral reef are in excellent condition. Why only 5% ? this is mainly because people does not know how to take care of Mother natures gift. Now you will wonder why, we have Bagyo Ondoy and Pepeng. Nature was trying to tell us that we abused our planet so much. It is time for us to take good care of it before it was too late.

In Southeast Asia 80% of it's reefs are considered endangered. I hope government will do something to educate people on how we could preserve this beauty of nature. I think one of the reason why these reefs were destroyed because people have no idea how their actions can affect our nature.

I hope that government worldwide will double their efforts in taking measures to protect the coral reefs.

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