Wednesday, October 7

Go to the Wall

I mentioned on my previous posts that Gabz goes to school this school year. I brought her to school on the first few weeks, but lately her Dad was the one who dropped her off to school. One day out of the blue she told me that she needs to go to the wall. I said, OK without really thinking what she meant by that. Until evening came when I was talking to my husband discussing about Gabz field trip in school, when I realized what she previously told me about "Going to the wall". The idea sink in to me that it might be some sort of punishment given by the teacher in school when she don't behaved. We never asked her to Go to the wall or face the wall for any misbehaving. We always tried to talk to her about her actions and explain why she should not do this and that.

I felt so uncomfortable thinking that someone was trying to discipline my child. I know that it is the teachers job to teach them some rules and stuff, but it bothers me the same. I asked my husband to asked her teacher if there is any problem with Gabz in school.

The next day, my husband told me that the kids go to the wall as part of the game they did the other day. I was so relieved to hear that.

But, as parents how do you feel when you learned that someone else send your child to the wall for a punishment?

What kind of discipline do you apply to a three years old?

How do you enforce that discipline?

Did you see any improvement on your child's behaviour by using this type of discipline?

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