Saturday, October 3

Have you heard of

Have you ever heard of

Most people have accounts online; will it be Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, or even Blogs. These social sites helps a lot of people reconnect with friends, relatives and love ones. Through these social sites you will be able to learn and be updated on what is going on with people that you know. You don't need to give them a call or chat with them asking what is happening with their lives, social networks will do that for you.

But what if you don't have any accounts on these social sites? How will you find anyone you wanted to get in touch with? MyLife is the answer to your dilemma. If you are trying to find someone, just type in their name and MyLife will do the search for you. It crawls all social networks and finds the name of the person you are looking for. So don't be surprised if you get multiple results related to your search. I tried to search for an old friend, who I used to work with back in Philippines, and I was surprised to find her in I can't find her in Facebook or Friendster that is why I was glad when I got the search result. Now I can send her email and start the long lost communication!

I tried to look for other names also just to see how efficient the site is, and I got results to all of them! If you are looking for someone you have not seen or heard for a long time and wants to reconnect try MyLife, who knows what you might find.


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