Tuesday, October 20

She is Hot!

Gabz was not able to go to school today. After she woke up this morning, she lay down in the couch as usual. Mommy is busy preparing for Andi's bath, that I was not able to noticed how Gabz was feeling then. After a while I noticed that she fell asleep, so unusual for Gabz to do that. When it was already time for school, I saw that she was already awake, so I asked her to get up and eat lunch. She told me, "Maybe later Mom." Hmm I was surprised because every time I asked her to prepare for school, she was always so jumpy about it. And this time she answered later? Something is wrong? I went to her and asked if she is not feeling well, and she said she is sick. Checked her temperature and Oh my, it's 102! She was flushed and so hot! Gabz seldom had 102 fever, usually just a 100, but this time 102? And last night she does not have any signs that she is sick at all. No school indeed :-( I tried to fed her but she doesn't want. Give her Tylenol and sponge bath though, after a while her fever went down. My poor baby :-( Until now she is still laying down in the couch taking a rest, all bundled up.

Hope she feels better soon.


sunny cheeks said...

Get well soon little girl.

sunny cheeks said...

Get well soon to my inaanak para di na masyadong mag-worry ang momsk... Regards to everybody! misshu!

baili said...

i hope and pray she will be fine soon god bless you and your little take care