Monday, November 30

First snow of the year!

Last Friday we went to Snoqualmie Summit to check out some snow. They just opened one resort for the season and a lot of people are lining up to snow board or ski. Snoqualmie Summit is one of the famous destination here in Washington. They have a lot of activities to choose from. Last year we went there for snow tubing, they also have snowshoeing, Nordic Skiing (no idea what that is?), etc.

These are my parents in law enjoying the snow. It was their first time to see and experienced the snow. My mother in law said " This is it ! This is the real feeling of snow and America! hehehe...they did enjoy it :-)

Of course, me and my daughter favorite snow activity, making a snow man! She just love it !

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ShY said...

Natawa ako mel, tinago ba naman ang baby, I was looking at the picture and wondered where's baby addrienne hehehe sus, andyan lang pala sa tabi, tinabunan ng kumut hehehe. hala lakwatsa kahit may baktin karay karay, hirap talaga ng nanay ano.

Dhemz said...

oh my golly gosh gosh...ganda ng snow....ang saya-saya nyo naman jan te....:)

dito samin it never snow...ehhehe!

musta po ang holiday nyo?

Amber said...

I like your blog idea. I grew up in the Seattle area and miss it so much. Great job!