Thursday, November 5

Gabz beautiful Art Works

Gabz goes to Preschool three times a week. Every time I pick her up with her friends, I always look forward to see her art works. They do art work most of the time in school, and below are her recent works. It never happened that she goes home without any school work with her. Before she enter preschool, she loves to paint, draw and color.

We encourage her by:

1. Buying water color, paints, crayons, brush and other art supplies.
2. Always give her paper and pencil to scribble or to write anything she wants.
3. We always appreciate anything she wrote or draw. Nothing is ugly or wrong, everything is special and has meaning.
4. Give her coloring books or anything that needs coloring.
5. Cut shapes or anything with her.
6. Most of all, we hang in the wall anything that is pretty as a reward for her good job.

This is the first art work she made in school. I was so proud on that day!

Have no idea what or who is this. Just got this from her cubby today.

This is her picture of a fall season. Very pretty!

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