Tuesday, November 17

wishing for more time.....

Have you ever asked yourself if you could have more time in your hands so you can do things you wanted to do? These past few days, I feel like time is slipping into my hands so quickly that I don't have time for a lot of things anymore. I tried to juggle my time with kids, school, household chores, being a wife and of course blogging. I feel like I have been neglecting a lot of things because I don't have time or maybe I could not find the time?

Or maybe, I just need to learn how to prioritize things?
Or do Multitasking?
or sit things out?
or just do the things that I can do (I'm only human!)

What do you think? Do you feel the same way?

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Agnes said...

As a full time working mum, I am always rushing after time, wish to have 48 hours a day, I pray hard to become a house wife with a stream of income through blogging and earning on line. Any good ideas that you can recommend?