Saturday, December 5

Another great destination!

Every year my family tried to plan a vacation, either inside or outside the country. This year we went to Lake Chelan with a little side trip in Leavenworth. This month we will be in Las Vegas for another family vacation. Vacation is something we always planned and look forward to, because this is the best time to explore other places and to experience new things.

When we were in the East Coast area, we lived, visited and explore various states, from Washington DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. One thing we missed though, visiting New Hampshire. We heard that New Hampshire is another great destination for a family vacation. The Balsams is a New Hampshire hotel that is famous for its great dining experience. Food are serve fresh and menus changes every night and presented table d' hôte style. Men should wear dinner jacket before they could savor the unique experience The Balsams offers. The Balsams Grand resort and Hotel is also known for its own world class culinary school. Aside from all of that, your family will surely enjoy cross-country ski trails, alpine ski area, the terrain park and the 9 or 18 hole championship golf course.

While browsing through their website I could not help but be mesmerized and fascinated by the pictures and the things they could offer. How I wish we were able to visit them when we were in the East Coast. But who knows, maybe someday this will be our next family destination!

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Mr. Stupid said...

Hi Melanie. I hope you had a great time. And don't worry, you can visit New Hampshire another time. As for your next vacation. I wish you a very Happy journey. There is one particular Hotel in Las Vegas which I sure did like. It was the "Best Western Mardi Gras Hotel & Casino" I had a great time there and sure do hope you too have the same.