Thursday, December 10

Give the gift of music this Christmas

Music is exciting, powerful, vibrant, relaxing and important in our life. People use music in so many ways; for therapy, for peace of mind, music makes people smile, it says things that your heart can't say in so many ways. Music conveys a thousand words to people who listens and appreciates it. Amateur and professional musicians perform music according to their own pleasure, religious or ceremonial purposes or for public entertainment.

My husband is one of those people who love music ever since I known him. He loves to play guitar and other musical instruments. He has so many hard drives that contain music he bought. Sometimes I would ask him why there is charge in our credit card that I don't recognize. He would tell me that he downloaded songs from iTunes. This is the great way to buy music without buying the entire CD. You just select the type of music you want and download it.

Now, iTunes has a new way of giving gifts this Christmas. If you are a Facebook user you can now send or purchase iTunes online gifts and post it on the recipients Facebook wall. They need to redeem their online gift in iTune Store. This service is now available in the US. To know more, you can visit iTunes Fan Page on Facebook.

iTunes make it easy for us to send gifts to our friends and love one without the hassle of going to the mall and going to post office. This is a unique gift that everyone will love!

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michaelwood59 said...

I have been a subscriber to itunes for 5 years now and they are great! I can't wait to get my new phone so i can upload my music library from my laptop to my new phone.