Friday, December 4

Thank you Similac!

Yesterday, I was going through a pile of our junk mails and noticed an envelop from Strong Moms. Two months ago, after I gave birth to Andi and decided that we will be using formula for her, I registered to Anyway, I found in the envelop four pieces of five dollar checks under my name. Wow! I did not expect them to send some to me. Last month I received three 5 dollars coupon from them as well. I was so happy because, we are buying four cans (Costco size) of Similac for Andi every month. Baby formula is very expensive now a days and a twenty dollar check or coupon a month is a great savings for us. Thank you Similac for the help.

To those moms out there who has formula baby and is using Similac, try to register at Similac website so you would be able to received coupons and checks. I am glad I did!

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