Monday, January 4

Manic two weeks - Part II

A tour at Microsoft office from the first building built at Redmond to The Commons building.
A pose at Windows 7 . Here is the coolest thing below. At the lobby of one of the buildings, the center table has an interactive map. Here is kuya Bong trying to find their house in Melbourne Australia by simply scanning the map with his fingers. You can find any place in the world through this. Very Cool!

He is pointing at the street where he live and their house!

The gang looking back at me for a snapshot! This is the Commons building that serve as canteen, restaurant for all employees and guests of Microsoft. Looks like a mall, two story building full of restaurants, post office, bank, and shops! Microsoft compound looks like a city within the city. The next coolest thing, drinks are free everywhere!

From Redmond compound we headed to Microsoft in Bellevue. At the dining area, you have the breathtaking view of Seattle and Washington lake. Hmmm I think that is one reason why Bill Gates lease that building. What do you think?

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A.Marie said...

Oh Wow!! I would LOVE to work there! :)

Free Drinks?? YAY!!