Wednesday, March 24

Got her ears pierced

Gabz fancied all my earrings and always wanted to try them on, but her ears was not pierce. Then one day, I asked her of she wanted to have her ears pierce so she could wear an earrings like mommy. She was so excited because all her friends always wear earrings. Off we went to Claire's one Sunday afternoon. We let her choose the kind of earrings she wanted and she had chosen a small pink flower earrings.

Here she is after one ear was pierced. She cried so hard, good thing though her twin friends was there to cheer her up. Otherwise she will only have one ear pierced. After the ordeal, she was so ecstatic that she keep on looking at the mirror and showed to everyone her new earrings.


Tiff said...

I remember the day i got my daughter's pierced . . she was 8 months and accidentally pulled one out. So I let it grow back in. Then at 5 I took her again and they only got one in then she wouldn't let them to the other one. She is 13 now and absolutely refuses to get her ears pierced.

Gabz is so cute! I can just picture her looking in the mirror for days!

Dhemz said...

yehey! sa wakas...ehehhe...kawawa naman tingnan si Gabz....buti anjan twin friend nya...ehhehehe!

Akesha got her ears pierced when she was 4 months...:)

si Andy ba te d mo pina pierce yung ears nya? ehhehe!

pipay said...

Ohh!!! baby.. don't cry..

cebu attractions said...

great. my niece ry when get ear pierce too.