Monday, March 1

Unexpected Blessing

I had posted a few weeks ago that my father in law was rushed to the emergency room because of mild stroke. He stayed at the hospital for 24 hours without insurance. I think all of us knows how expensive it is here in the US to be hospitalized without insurance. At first, we did not worry so much because our main concern is for my father in law's recovery. Now he is ok and they were able to went back home in Philippines.

After a month the bills came, and I am telling you it is a lot of money!! During his stay at the hospital, we applied for a financial assistance at the hospital since they offered one for those people who could not afford or those who does not have insurance like my father in law. We waited for a month and when the letter came, it was denied and was asking us more supporting documents. I tried to get those documents but to no avail. I came back at the hospital and explain the situation and asked them to reconsider. After a couple of weeks of waiting again, we finally received another letter from them. And guess what? they approved our application and approved the full amount of my father in laws hospital bill !!! It means that we are not paying a single cent !!! We just have to pay the doctors fee and other fees that is not covered by the hospital !! We are not expecting them to approved the whole amount, we were expecting at least 50% only...but GOD is so good that they approved the whole amount. I was crying with so much joy, was so touch how GOD granted our prayers. I just want to share to all this unexpected blessing that we received. GOD is so good to those people who asked for help and who trust in Him.

I was thinking, I was writing other things in my blog, why not write and share God's works in our life? So, here I am writing it.

Have a great day and GOD Bless!


fetus said...

for certain that is good news!

LinGZ said...

was here in your blog...

God bless.
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