Tuesday, March 16

Walkers can be dangerous

I remember when I was still in Philippines, most parents bought walkers to their baby's to help them learn how to walk. So when I came here in the US and have my own daughter, we bought her a walker too when she is about to walk by herself. It was a very nice walker and pusher at the same time. Lots of toys attached to it with matching lights and sound. I was so happy watching my daughter played with it because she liked it a lot. Then one day, as she was playing with her walker/pusher, she accidentally put her arm on the handle of the pusher and she fell. Just imagine her arm stuck in the handle while she fell to the floor. Good thing, our apartment is carpeted, so the walker does not moved by itself otherwise there was a tendency that she will hurt her arm. At that moment, I asked my husband to return the walker to the store, and when the lady asked us why we want to return the item, I told her about the accident. They were concerned because it was the first time someone reported that type of accident to that product. They asked the full details on how did it happened for safety measures. They said that they need to report the accident to the manufacturer. That is good though, we would never know what will happen to other baby's who will be using the same product. From them on, I did not dare buy any walker for my kids, I let them learn how to walk by themselves. So far with Gabz, she was able to learn how to walk at 10 months! I think Andi will be walking the same age, because she is quite advance on her development now.

To all mommies out there, try to checked reviews and feedback on any walker or other baby product before your buy one. Out baby's safety is our main concern.


Dorothy L said...

That they are...they have been banned from Canada sometime ago.
If a parent is not always aware of what the baby is doing...it is very dangerous.

Dhemz said...

very helpful and informative post teMel...my gosh...most of my little cousins have incidents on using baby walkers....it suppose to be safe.....glad we don't use it with Akesha...

waaaaaaa...ang aga pala ni Gabz te ano...si Akesha mga 12 months...ehehhehe!

salamat pala sa dalaw at comment....woi girls bonding pala kau....yes, Akesha likes Alice...she won't stop talking about it...ehheeh!

korek si Gabz...ahhaha...totally different from the book...lol!