Wednesday, April 28

Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance is one of the biggest factor in a household expenses today. Every time our car is schedule for maintenance, I always asked my husband to let me know in advance so I could set aside a budget for that. Good thing if your car belongs to a newer model, maintenance is not expensive, but if you car is five years old or more maintenance is more expensive. We recently had our major maintenance in our car and I am telling you, I paid more than $500 on that. That does not include oil change and wheel alignment. The good thing, tune up is included. But this is one expenses you cannot ignore or set aside. Making sure that your car is in good condition is a must because this is for the safety of your family.

We are a one car family, because we cannot afford to have another one. But day after day, we find it difficult to manage kids, household chores and my husbands commute with one car alone. We really need to have another car, I think an Acura Integra will be the solution to our problem. We do not need a brand new car, for practicality we want to have a second hand car that could be use to run errands everyday. The only concern we have in buying a second hand car is the cost of maintenance. It is difficult to find an auto repair shop that is reliable and cost friendly. Good thing has a good list of auto repair shop around your area. Just need to enter your zip code and they will give you the list of reliable repair shop with ratings and customer feedback. For example, if you live is Houston area and looking for Houston auto repair, just type in your zip code and they will give you the list of auto repair shop around Houston. This is a great service for us because it will help you save time looking for an auto repair shop.

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