Friday, April 9

I am back to school

After more than ten years, i am back to school again! I decided to take online classes this spring quarter here at Bellevue college. I am taking a program in Health care field. I am quite hesitant at first, but then I was thinking i could not stay at home forever. I need to get a job and have a career. I have been a career woman ever since, but because of my love to my family and kids, i took a little detour for the time being.

So, this is my first week as a mom student, and I will tell you that I am enjoying it! I feel like, I am reborn, having to think again ( like my brain is functioning again, it has been sleeping for quite sometime now :-) ) and be able to talk and meet (virtually) to other people. But I am telling you that tuition fee is not a joke! No wonder a lot of people here have student loans, now I know.

Anyways, I hope I could finish this program in a year or less. Can't wait to work again :-)

Wish me luck !

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