Tuesday, April 6

Would you like to have portable high chair?

My daughter who is six months old now had started eating solid food. Feeding time is always a struggle because we don't have any high chair. I put her on her swing every time I need to feed her. She squirms and wriggle because she wanted to be in the table like us. I am still trying to find a good high chair for her. But feeding her in the house is still manageable compared when we dine out. How I wish I could have portable high chair where we could always carry with us wherever we go. Good thing trayZ develop a portable high chair where you could carry everywhere inside your diaper bag. Now you don't have to worry about food touching restaurant high chairs, with your own portable high chair you are sure that your kids food is clean and germ free.

This product is good for mommy's who are always on the go. It is safe and easy to clean. It has a utensil compartment where you can put his very own utensils. I am sure your little one will enjoy his every meal.

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