Thursday, May 20

First time to watch a play - Emperor's New Clothes!

Gabz teacher organized a field trip for the kids to watched a play "The Emperors New Clothes". I was excited to watched it simply because it was my first time to watch a play here in the US. A kids play, but at least it is a play! No more objections :-) Anyways, we are not allowed to take pictures while the play is on going, so this is the best I can do with my phone before the play started. Andi is quiet thrilled to be inside the place because a lot of children around, I think she was wondering what is going on.

In the beginning the kids were all attentive, but after a few minutes got bored. After the play Gabz asked me why the story is different from the book? Oh, someone is listening? I thought she is not interested, because she keeps fidgeting on her seat. At least she knows what we watched.

We will be watching Max and Ruby next ! I'm sure she will love this one, because she watched Max and Ruby on TV every day.

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