Tuesday, June 8

Pool Time Summer Fun

Post from guest blogger Mark Ramone.

I have to wait for the summer to enjoy the greatness of owning a pool. I live in an area that receives a lot of rainfall and snowfall throughout the seasons, so when the summer ushers in warmer weather and opportunities to have fun, I jump into my pool and cool down. My favorite thing to do, despite what others might find fun, is to do laps around the pool. Doing laps is not the funnest thing for many people, but for me, it helps alleviate my back pain and helps me push through with great overall exercise.

The summer allows me to enjoy the greatness of having a pool, and it's not without dealing with safety issues. I have to make sure that I don't run around too much so that I don't slip and hurt myself, even though sometimes I really just want to rush right in. I didn't always have a pool, but after watching the Summer Games a few years ago on satellite tv, I couldn't resist getting an underground pool installed.

If you haven't experienced the grandeur of owning your own pool, or haven't enjoyed the greater good that can come from water sports in your own backyard, you should definitely look at the great options that abound by installing a pool in your own home. Ever since investing into a nice pool, I've never regretted the decision, and the summer time has never been boring. I even got great cable tv offers

so I can watch all the swimming events during the summer Olympics.

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