Wednesday, July 21

Summer is here, let's go to the beach!

Summer is always the best part of the year where you can spend vacation with your family in any part of the country or the world. My husband and Gabz love to visit the beach or go fishing in the lake during summer, or just hanging out at the park with their bikes. Me? I love to sit under the tree with a good book in my hand. But I cannot do that right now, with my little angel who always wanted to chew the pages of my books. This summer, I was asking my husband if we could go somewhere for a couple of days. Well, until now we are still scouting the best place that is affordable and within our budget.

There are a lot of beaches and lakes here in Washington, but if you want the best places, you should be ready with the matching price on it. Maybe we should go during off season? But that would be a bummer right?

Well, if you are one of those people who are planning to take a family vacation and lives somewhere in the East Coast, check out Myrtle Beach at They got the best beaches in South Carolina and offered enough choices of accommodations that would fit your budget. You can relax and lounge in the sun in ocean shore, having tea in the balcony of your own room while enjoying the fresh sea air, or simply taking a stroll while watching the sun set.

If you are a golf enthusiast, Myrtle Beach is offering Golf packages that would fit your preferences. Why don't you check it out now and see if their package works for you.

When we were in North Carolina a couple of years ago, we have been planning to visit Myrtle Beach because we heard that it is the most beautiful beach in South Carolina. Unfortunately, due to my husband busy work schedule and due to our short stay there, we were not able to find time to do it. But, if you lived in the nearby states, I think it is worth visiting. Check out Myrtle Beach at and browse through their website to find out more.

Don't let summer go by without heading to the perfect beach !!! Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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