Wednesday, September 22

My Favorite Show About Fashion

Guest Post. Thanks to Erasmo Cortez

I am obsessed with What not to Wear. This show has been on for so long and is still as charming as it was the first season. I love the fact that in this show they look at a make over a a life style change rather than some good hair and make up and a new outfit or two. On this show they not only give you a new wardrobe, but go through your old one and get rid of any and every fashion faux pas you have. I love when they make the fashion victim put on one of their favorite everyday outfits and get in the 360 mirror. It is usually a shock to most people to see what they really look like in their clothes, which answers the question I ask myself everyday "Did they even look in the mirror before leaving the house looking that way?" I have gotten so much great advice watching this show over the years I never miss an episode, I even use the recorder on my satellite TV which I am unable to watch an episode, so I can catch it on a later date. By the way I just upgraded to satellite after I found a package I liked on . But back to the subject,I refuse to miss any of this very useful information about fashion and what is appropriate for each age, stage and place. I hope this show doesn't go off air!

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