Wednesday, February 16

Cleaning up the storage

I was cleaning up my storage and found a lot of baby stuff that has never been used and some slightly used but still tucked in its original packaging.   I think I will sell them on Craigslist so I could have some return on these items.   Selling your old stuff on Carigslist or Ebay is a good way of instant cash.   If you have stuff that are lying around and probably just collecting some dust overtime, you might as well get rid of it.  Some people might have a used for them.   Last week, I get rid two boxes of baby clothes, and since I have some friends who are pregnant and the other just gave birth, I gave it to them.   I received tons of baby clothes when I was pregnant, so I guess It's my turn to return the favor to other mommies.

Here are some of the stuff I am trying to sell:

These three items above has never been used, but the packaging was opened.  It was a gift so I opened them out of curiosity but was not able to used them at all.

This is used, but still in very good condition.   Those new items, I am selling them for $15 bucks only!!! and the used one is $10.   Anyone interested?

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