Monday, November 17

Barbie in Gabz Life

Sometimes I surprised myself on how much patience i have mastered over four years of being a stay at home mother. Life is very simple and mostly revolves around my husband and most of all my daughter. Over the last years it becomes a routine, I tend to forget how time flies, not like before where every minute and every second makes me feel like an eternity. House works and taking care of Gabz becomes so ordinary that makes me forget how crazy and brutal life outside our apartment. Just like the life of a Nutcracker that we have just watched.

Gabz, at an early age (age 2) becomes fascinated by Barbie . Yes Barbie ! It all started when we went home to Philippines for a few months. During our stay in Philippines, we lived in my sisters house. She has three daughters who loves Barbie, from dolls to accessories, to DVDs. Gabz love to play those Barbie dolls, but I guess at that early age, she doesn't know how to play pretend yet. She tried to strip all the Barbies clothes, she does not want any Barbies to have any clothes on, and we don't know why ? Every time her cousins put it back on, she just got pissed, and that does not make Ching too happy, poor kid. Ching is her youngest cousin in the house who loves her, but run out of patience and Gabz becomes a competition on the long run.

Anyways, when her Dad comes home to Philippines, he brought her a Barbie doll as present. She love it (just for a couple of days), but then my sister let her watched a DVD of Twelve dancing Princess ! Walaaa !!!!! Barbie DVDs becomes a part of our life. Everyday, she watched it over and over, until the DVD is broken. But then that does not stop her because her Tita who is "kunsintodora" bought her another one as parting gift when we left Philippines. Same routine happened, she watched it everyday, and of course being a parent who always wanted to give all the happiness to your daughter, we started to rent out Barbie DVDs from blockbuster. When target put some Barbie DVDs on sale at USD4.99 each, we bought 3 of them which she has not seen.

Today, we watched Barbie and the Nutcracker. At first, she got scared of the Nutcracker, but then I hold her and assured her that he is a good Nutcracker, I tried to fast forward it, and there came a Mouse King and its soldiers trying to kill the Nutcracker and later on make Clara very very tiny. From then on, she (and of course Mommy as well :-) ) got so absorbed and developed a dislike to the mouse king. She even danced with the fairies and Clara ! She is so funny, she tried to hard to danced ballet, but then as early as now, I could say that she need a LOT of practicing to do.

In the end, she gave me a BIG yawn. It is time for a nap. But when I asked her, she said NO and that she still wants to watched Nutcracker. I promised her that she could watched again when she wake up, and that makes her climbed up the bed to nap.

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kAyE said...

gabz might be the future svetlana (my daughter). she loves barbie too! my youngest sister (who is only seven years old) has lots of them an she would share them to svet. svet would talk to them in her cute baby way, and hold their hair like it was the most precious thing in the world. hehe. and she loves to watch them on dvd too. she can sit still for two minutes (yes, that's her attention span limit. hehe) when barbie is on :)