Sunday, November 16

Super Gabz in a Giant Slide

Yesterday, we were invited to Bastien's Surprise Birthday Party at Jump Planet. Jump Planet is a inflatable party center, where kids could jump, pass through obstacle courses, climb up the giant slide and go through a giant tunnel. The place itself is nice, clean and most of all the kids has lots and lots of fun ! It gives me an idea for Gabz upcoming birthday. Here's the link, if you are interested.
It was so funny because Bastien has no clue that he has a birthday party, his exact birthday was last Thursday and his parents make him believed that he has no party this year. When he was in the party venue, his Dad make up some story (which he really believed) before he was brought inside the room. Everyone were put inside a room with the lights off, when he came in the lights were turned on and everybody sing happy birthday ! The expression on his face was a mixture of embarrassment and annoyance. I guess because he was suddenly put into an uncomfortable situation where he did not know how to react, but in the end he was so thrilled to see some of his friends and have fun !
Gabz on the other hand had a blast yesterday, it was her first time to play in inflatables. She was ecstatic the moment she saw those inflatables ! At first her Dad go along with her, because she have chosen the biggest slide inside the area. The moment she slide through, she can't stop. She climb the steps over and over !!! I was so pleased to see her face light up, too bad I don't have my camera with me to capture the moment. As you can see, I have to content myself with a mediocre result of the camera of my Google phone.
It's a good thing, her Dad asked her to try other areas, because the moment they went down we were informed that this side was restricted to us because it belongs to another party !!! hahaha...what a shame :-) We are supposed to be on another side of the place. Oh well, too much excitement I guess, we are not able to see those tiny signs. At 5:30, it's eating time ! how I wanted to drag that part of the party, I was famished ! Gabz cried the moment she realized that bouncing time is over :-(
Before 7:00 pm we are on our way home, with Gabz still have those unconsumed energy. But gave in the moment we step through our door. My poor princess, so exhausted that she sleeps through the night. Poor Mommy has to wake up at 3:30am because Gabz does not want to sleep anymore. Now, you know why I am writing this blog at this time of the day.

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