Friday, November 14

Why did I do it ?

I can't resist a smile forming my lips, as I was starting to tap the keys of my computer. As you can see, I have been contemplating for quite some time if I should blog or should not. But then , here I am trying to put all this thought in my head in this computer.

I think, I just need to put all this thoughts somewhere, I could not let my husband listen to all these nonsense in my head all the time, which sometimes he really put up with it. He is really doing a good job, I could say as he never complaint about it, but rather makes me see the good side of a lot of things.

When you live in a far away land, with no relatives, a few social friends and the only means of chika you have is thru skype, writing is one of the best way of putting down those overflowing feelings and thoughts you have.

I never imagined in my entire life that someday I would be living in this beautiful place (aside from the weather of course !). Beautiful in its own, nature is magnificent, I have not seen any other state as green as this. Well, they will not call this a Green State if its not ! Summer, is the best time of the year which happens from April to August.

This is the picture of downtown Seattle, with its historical Space Needle and the magnificent Mt. Rainier at the background. This was taken courtesy of my husband, on our way home after a half day tour of the Seattle Zoo, which I will tell you on my next post.

Washington State, has a lot lot more to offer during the summer and of course even winter and or even on its ordinary days which is the rainy days. It rains here almost everyday, and if its not raining, the day is so gloomy that all you wanted to do is curl up in a sofa with a good book to read. Which for me seldom happened because, every time Gabz saw me carrying a book, she automatically comes up with a thousand ideas for me to drop the book.

Washington has a good website where you could have a better picture what this delicious State could offer you.

That's all for now. Ti'll next time.

Have a great day !

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