Friday, November 14

Our Little Princess

That's what she said she is. "A Princess" , but sometimes she would be a puppy for a day, Clifford the Red Big Dog the next day, Baby Bear the next, and so on and so forth, the list never stops. But for us, she would always be our little princess no matter what age she would be.

Gabz name as I remember, has been agreed when me and my husband was still dating. One day, we were talking about religion, and my husband mentioned that someday when we get married and have a baby, he wanted to name it Gabrielle. After the name of the famous angel who delivered the message to Mary.

Gabrielle, as we call her Gabz, Gabby, Gabbers or Gab-Gab (for kuya Brendan) was born in Montgomery Hospital in Norristown Pennsylvania, weighing 6.2 lbs, after 15 hours of hard labor. After two months trying to figure out in what world she is, we travelled her by car for 16 hours from King of Prussia to North Carolina. All through out that long travel, I never hear her complaint, that's how good she is. Not because she was still sooo small that time, but mainly because after our series of travels from one to state to another, she has no objections at all.

From age 2 months she started her travel from one state to another, starting from King of Prussia to North Carolina, then Plano Texas, Alabama, Missouri, back to Texas, then Washington. (This does not include side travels and vacations) Now she is 2 years old and 10 months. I guess she enjoys the travel as much as we have.
Im not so sure, why this is the only picture I could find in our folders of picture, (I tell you, we have tons of pictures, as her Dad makes it his hobby since Gabz was born). Hmmm I guess, it has been lost in those tons of pictures. I have to find a better one, younger than this picture. She has this beautiful picture, where
That swing were she is, has been a great help to me, when she was four months old, I used to put her there in the morning and position the swing in front of the TV and put the channel to CNN. She loves that, maybe because of the voices she hears or that she could see a lot of colors on it. But mind you, that really gives me a lot of time, to do a lot of things, thanks to Robin Mead !!!!

I will try to put in details next time our travels to different States. See for yourself how exciting our life before we settle here in Bellevue.


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