Wednesday, November 26

Thank you !

It's Thanksgiving, so much to ponder about and be thankful for all the wondrous blessings we recieved. But I think, it's not only during thanksgiving that we give thanks but every passing day. I feel so grateful and blessed to have such a great family. An ever patient, understanding and loving husband, a beautiful, sweet and adorable daughter. A family who always support me in time of need, give me strength when needed, who gives a hug when im down. What else could i ask for ?

Just be thankful to GOD for all of these and so much more. For giving me a chance once more to live life according to his will !

I am quite melodramatic today, im not sure if it's the effect of the holiday or because of this video I watched this morning. It really makes me cry...I really admire how much love a parent could give to their children.

I really want to share this...

A son asked his father, 'Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?¢. The father who, despite having a heart condition, says 'Yes'. They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on to join other marathons, the father always saying 'Yes' to his son's request of going through the race together. One day, the son asked his father, 'Dad, let's join the Ironman together.' To which, his father said 'Yes' too. For those who don't know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride, and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of the Big Island . Father and son went on to complete the race watch this:

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